The Foundation
戦士 【イクサ】— The Senshi Foundation is an unincorporated 501(c)(3) public charity that has been in operation since late August of 2014. Altogether, the Foundation has joined together with others to help raise over a quarter of a million dollars— and perhaps up to, or even a bit over a million dollars— over the past three years.

Why the wide range? Well, counting up most of the causes listed below totals to $349,873. There are ones I've forgotten about, and will never be able to find, because I wasn't tallying this stuff when I was doing it. You can check the Source comments if you'd like to see the totals for each charitable fundraising effort.

The beauty of this sort of setup is that I don't handle any of the money: Crowdrise, YouCaring, GoFundMe, or some other trusted intermediary does all the heavy lifting. No individual involved with the charity can fuck you out of your money. I think that's unique.

How this got started
About a year or so ago, I was talking with my Dad, and— we were discussing how he wanted to give money to people and charitable causes, once he won the lottery / became rich. I suggested a way to do it right now, through Crowdrise, and the rest is history.

Initially this charitable operation was devoted to things benefiting children. I've taken up other causes occasionally, though, and in the future, there will probably be a heavy Veterans focus, for reasons you'll find intuitive when you read the next paragraph.

I'd been helping out with charity fundraising efforts long before we had that discussion, but it was something he always wanted to do. I only later put two-and-two together to create the Foundation proper sometime after his untimely death.

Basically, I wanted to operate a non-profit for fun, and after finding out that incorporating was a little bit much, I realized that I've been legally running an unincorporated public charity ever since I started doing charitable stuff online.

So here we are.

So what do you do?
Basically we just organize sometimes-weekly fundraisers through Crowdrise. Occasionally I'll highlight a cause that's not at all connected to us and boost that until it's reached its goal.

You can see the sometimes-weekly fundraisers by clicking here. The amounts are low both to assure that the goals are reached quickly and easily, and that they don't hurt charitable people's pocketbooks too much.

The following examples of other, external charities we've helped are included not to take credit for them, but to give you an idea of the sort of things that we like to promote / help (not in chronological order):

Obviously we're not completely responsible for the money raised, but we've helped out with boosting these on Twitter. There are undoubtedly others I've forgotten to mention, but these are the ones I can remember. (I never really thought to write this shit down until now.)

What you can do to help
There are a lot of things you can do to help.

You can also follow our official accounts on Twitter: icze4r and _icze4r, though the vast majority of the stuff will be on the first account. We'll be posting fundraising goals and other ways to help, there, as well as retweeting missing kids posters.

Note: If you even so much as, say, retweet one of the fundraisers we're trying to boost, you can say you're a part of us. Because you are. An unincorporated 501(c)(3) has the same legal distinction as, say, a church group or a small group of friends raising money for a cause. So if you help us, you're in there, man.

You can even put us on your resume as a charitable organization you've volunteered with.

Current projects


  • [September 30th — October 2nd, 2017] Petitioned Ice Mountain and a friend e-mailed Coca Cola, resulting in water, food, and fuel being donated to Puerto Rico. [David]
  • [September 30th — October 10th, 2017] Petitioned PepsiCo via e-mail, resulting in PepsiCo donating funds, water, food, and Gatorade to Puerto Rico. I also managed to open up a line of communication: you can contact PepsiCo in Tampa, Florida, and apparently through that channel help Puerto Rico even more. Simply call 813-971-2550 and press 0 to speak with the receptionist.



Though I need to draw up an entire set of rules for you to read before you should contact me, if it's absolutely urgent, you can e-mail me at icze4r [at] gmail [dot] com, or just Direct Message either of us on Twitter.

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The Senshi Foundation is dedicated to my Dad, who I miss every day.