Bhue: the Tricksters

basically fucking space gremlins tbqh

Well, congratulations! You're here; I'm here; the dog's here; and I no longer feel like I'm dying inside. Progress!

As of late, I became aware that an astounding 47% of all UFO sightings are metal spheres. And guess who flies those things? Not fucking Anunnaki, that's who!

This is a book about the people who fly those things.

The book's description:

At the beginning of our universe, there were two new 'species': the first, the Anunnaki, and the Bhue, the zeroth. This book details, as best as one can, the essence of what the Bhue are. Essentially shapeshifting mimics who blur almost every line of special categorization, the Bhue are also the pilots of the vast majority of UFOs seen on Earth, as of this book's writing. Though you may never meet one— and, honestly, that is probably for the best— the details of who and what they are, are here.

As this book is primarily a visual experience, you can view it as PDF. No, I'm not typing all this shit out again. Not yet, anyways.

This bookery is available on:

In the event that Google and MEGA are exhausted, and so is the Internet Archive, my website doesn't fucking stand a chance, but I'll probably post a direct link to it here.

It is my recommendation that you download it, open it up in Chrome, and use the two-page view option. That's what it was designed for.

Something about June's, man.

Every day is great when you're at your June's.

Margaret Gel
June 7th, 2023