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The space aliems are coming, soon!

Be prepared. Read my book about them.

It's also available in physical book form, but why would you want to buy it?
Just read it on your phone.

Information should be free.

Dragons: the Anunnaki book
Margaret Gel (icze4r)

Margaret Gel

I'm Margaret Gel!

       icze4r, TheBattleAngel

Margaret Gel (icze4r) is an Engineer. As a child, she was abducted by aliens.

She has stood on the Moon.

An Actual Biography

Who I am

Hi! I'm Margaret Gel!

I was abducted by aliens at an early age, lived with them for a few decades, and now I'm back here. And I want to go Home.

Please, sweet Jesus. Just let me go home.

I've written a basic guide on the alien peoples that I lived with as a child, and you should read it.

Because I'm going to introduce them to human beings, one day.

Google Knowledge Panel

About My Knowledge Panel

Here it is. After a few years of figuring out how to get one, and several months of figuring out how to personalize it, this is pretty much as good as I'm going to try to get this Knowledge Panel.


I like the term "Engineer" better than "Astronaut", really.

About me

Dragons: the Anunnaki book

Dragons: the Anunnaki book

About Margaret Gel (icze4r)

About Margaret Gel (icze4r)


Haydee page

Oerba Yun Fang
Oerba Yun Fang

Dragons: the Anunnaki
I wrote a guide book about a group of space aliens.
It's a xenoethnography! c(◕ᴗ◕✿)

Who's Margaret Gel (icze4r)?


Fame: the bad thing about being my kind of famous is that everybody treats me like shit, because they say I'm famous; but, when it comes time to actually give me any of the perks of fame, I never get them.

Impersonation: how I got impersonated on Twitter for 10 years, and Twitter never did a fucking thing about it.

My Brand! How I wanted to be famous, on the Internet.
(never gonna happen) :<

Verification The Complete Guide to Being a Stupid Asshole.
What happened to Ark Polaris?

(´・ω・ `) c(◕ᴗ◕c✿) *hugs you*

🐢 slow 🐢 and 🐢 steady 🐢
🐢 wins 🐢 the 🐢 spaghetti 🐢